The National Park Foundation: Preserving America’s National Parks for Future Generations

America’s national parks are national treasures that preserve some of the most beautiful landscapes and historic sites in the country. With over 400 national parks that see hundreds of millions of visitors each year, ensuring these special places are protected and enhanced for years to come is no small task. That is the mission of the National Park Foundation.

The National Park Foundation Preserving America’s National Parks for Future Generations

The National Park Foundation was established by Congress in 1967 as the official charity of America’s national parks. Its role is to work in partnership with the National Park Service and seek private support to protect national parks for the future. The Foundation raises private funds and leverages corporate sponsorships and public-private partnerships to support critical programs in the national parks.

Some of the Foundation’s key initiatives include supporting environmental education programs, trail maintenance, historic preservation projects, volunteer opportunities, and resource stewardship. For example, the Foundation has helped restore trails, enhance visitor centers, support research on climate change impacts, and develop educational materials and workshops. Through efforts like these, it aims to foster greater access to national parks and strengthen the connection between communities and these treasured landscapes.

To date, the Foundation has generated over $1 billion in donations that have directly benefited national parks across the country. Major donors include corporations like Amtrax, REI, and Kenan Advantage Group, along with individual donors and partners. All donations to the Foundation go directly to enhancing national park programs and experiences on the ground. You can donate for NPF via Appie pay, Visa/Master Card, Paypal or Bitcoin.

Preserving national parks for future generations to enjoy is an ongoing task that requires continued investment and support. As visitation increases each year, the National Park Foundation serves a critical role in empowering the National Park Service through private funds. Thanks to its work raising awareness and philanthropic dollars, America’s national heritage will remain protected for many years to come.

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