Nature’s Office: Tips for a Smooth Workation in a National Park

Are you one of the city folks? Then you likely want to spend more time in nature but find it difficult because of how busy life and work can be. 

A workation at a national park might be the perfect compromise you’ve been looking for. 

Thanks to remote work, balancing your duties and the joys of vacation is possible in today’s world. However, if you’re visiting a national park for the first time, you may find yourself a bit unprepared. 

But that’s okay because we’re here to help you out. Here are our top tips to ensure you have a smooth, fun, and safe workation at a national park:

Selecting the Right National Park 

Only you can decide which national park you’ll end up visiting. But if you’re currently dwelling on your choices, there’s a simple rule to keep in mind:

Pick the national park that offers both natural beauty and the necessary amenities. 

This simple rule ensures you’ll forge lasting memories while staying comfortable and productive throughout your workation.

Another good tip is to be strategic about the time of year you visit. This is not only because of the weather, but also because you’ll ideally want to visit a park at a time of year when it’s not as crowded.

Ensuring Reliable Internet Connectivity 

Since you’re working on this trip, choosing a national park with excellent internet connectivity is absolutely vital. Many national parks claim to offer internet connection, but you should still check the reviews. The last thing you’ll want is to show up only to find that the internet is unreliable. 

You can research the internet speed and reliability if you’re planning on staying at a hotel or an AirBnb in the vicinity of the park. 

Are you traveling via an RV or camper? Then it would be wise to bring your own mobile hotspot, just in case the campground doesn’t have a good WiFi connection. The next best thing is to work at a coffee shop or restaurant nearby. This is something else you can research before your arrival as well. 

Installing Reliable Cybersecurity Tools 

Not only do you want to have fast internet during your workation trip, but you’ll also want to have it secure. Installing a virtual private network, or VPN is the easiest way to establish a secure connection between your device(s) and the websites you visit.

A VPN encrypts your internet network to protect your online data and identity while you connect to a public hotspot. It means you can securely access the WiFi provided by your hotel, Airbnb, or campground without worrying about third parties spoofing your data.

Just make sure you go with a VPN that is fast. The fastest VPN is one that comes with a global network of servers; the more servers a VPN has, the faster its connection speeds are. 

Packing Essential Gear 

There are two categories of gear you’ll want to pack when visiting a National Park for a workation: your work equipment and gear for the trip itself. 

When it comes to gear for the park, pack the following at the bare minimum:

  • Backpack
  • Food
  • Water
  • Portable Charger 
  • Bug Spray 
  • Hiking Boots 
  • Sandals
  • Coat 
  • Light Jacket 
  • Gloves 

Then, make sure you bring everything you need to work successfully. Depending on your job, this may include a laptop, mobile hotspot, pen and paper, or headphones.

Balancing Work Tasks with Recreational Activities 

The best way to ensure that you balance your work tasks with recreational activities is to arrive at the park with the mindset that you don’t have to see and do everything.

If you do, you may end up trying to frantically fit in too much, which can harm the quality of your work and even lead to burnout. On the flip side, make sure that you don’t spend too much time working–otherwise, there is little point in coming to the park in the first place.

Instead, plan just one or two after-work activities per day. Don’t forget that the usual household routine, such as laundry or cooking, might take more time than they did at home. To keep the golden balance, dedicate yourself to constant working hours and stick to the same schedule daily.


A workation at the national park can be the perfect solution for those tired from crowded offices and the noisy city. This type of getaway may seem challenging, but only if you go unprepared. Remember to ensure a stable and secure internet connection, pack the right gear, and use our other tips for a smooth and exciting workation.

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