Most Visited National Parks in The US

US has total 63 national parks. In this article I will let you know which is most visited national parks in the US in 2023.

Most Visited National Parks in The US

RankNational ParkRecreation Visits (2023)
1Great Smoky Mountains National Park13,297,647
2Grand Canyon National Park4,733,705
3Zion National Park4,623,238
4Yellowstone National Park4,501,382
5Rocky Mountain National Park4,115,837
6Yosemite National Park3,897,070
7Acadia National Park3,879,890
8Grand Teton National Park3,417,106
9Joshua Tree National Park3,270,404
10Olympic National Park2,947,503
11Glacier National Park2,933,616
12Cuyahoga Valley National Park2,860,059
13Indiana Dunes National Park2,765,892
14Hot Springs National Park2,502,967
15Bryce Canyon National Park2,461,269
16Gateway Arch National Park2,422,836
17New River Gorge National Park1,707,223
18Mount Rainier National Park1,674,294
19Hawaii Volcanoes National Park1,620,294
20Shenandoah National Park1,576,008
21Arches National Park1,482,045
22Capitol Reef National Park1,268,861
23Death Valley National Park1,099,632
24Badlands National Park1,046,400
25Saguaro National Park1,010,906
26Sequoia National Park980,567
27Everglades National Park810,189
28Canyonlands National Park800,322
29Haleakala National Park791,292
30Theodore Roosevelt National Park746,862
31White Sands National Park729,096
32Glacier Bay National Park703,659
33Mammoth Cave National Park654,450
34Kings Canyon National Park643,065
35Wind Cave National Park592,459
36Biscayne National Park571,242
37Crater Lake National Park559,976
38Petrified Forest National Park520,491
39Great Sand Dunes National Park512,219
40Big Bend National Park509,129
41Mesa Verde National Park505,194
42Denali National Park & PRES498,722
43Lassen Volcanic National Park418,978
44Redwood National Park409,105
45Carlsbad Caverns National Park394,121
46Kenai Fjords National Park387,525
47Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park357,069
48Virgin Islands National Park343,685
49Pinnacles National Park341,220
50Channel Islands National Park328,746
51Congaree National Park250,114
52Guadalupe Mountains National Park227,340
53Voyageurs National Park220,825
54Great Basin National Park143,265
55Dry Tortugas National Park84,285
56Wrangell-St. Elias National Park78,305
57North Cascades National Park40,351
58Katmai National Park33,763
59Isle Royale National Park28,965
60Kobuk Valley National Park17,616
61Lake Clark National Park16,728
62National Park of American Samoa12,135
63Gates of the Arctic National Park11,045

Now you can answer the question:”what is the most visited national park in the us?” It’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

US National Park map on Goole map


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