Eight Reasons to Choose a National Park for Your Next Family Vacation

Few vacation destinations can rival the natural beauty and experience that comes with visiting a national park. Not only do these parks present plant and animal life in its natural state but there are countless adventures you and your family can embark on while visiting. Here are eight reasons to choose one of the many national parks in the US for your next family break. 

An Educational Vacation for Your Kids

The idea of using a vacation as an educational opportunity may sound strange. Family vacations are supposed to be fun, right? But your kids’ minds are like sponges, and learning is a part of their everyday life. Visiting a national park is a good opportunity to ditch the technological distractions we’re so accustomed to and rough it in the wild for a week or two. 

A national park is a theme park of bug and insect life, animal life, plants and trees, and naturally occurring landmarks. This vacation is an opportunity to teach them about conservation, eco-friendliness, animal behavior, basic survival, and even history. Plus, it’s a great way to bond with your family as you collectively break away from technology. 

Survival and Safety 

There are countless apps that pair well with a national park vacation which detail safety tips and survival strategies depending on how much you’re roughing it. Bear in mind that the wild is an unpredictable place, and knowing you are covered during the course of your vacation is crucial. Renters insurance also covers theft on your summer trip to a national park, so speak to a consultant about taking out a policy before you embark on your adventure. 

This will ensure that your possessions, your health & safety, and your family members are all protected as much as possible. While national parks do implement a lot of safety measures for their visitors, it’s always best to err on the side of caution. A national park vacation for your family provides you with countless opportunities to teach these important safety skills to your kids.  

Campfire Experiences

A campfire memory will always stay etched in the memories of your family members. Roasting marshmallows, staring at the sky, and telling ghost stories are all fun activities that will bring your family closer together and prepare you for getting back to life. 

The Richness of American Wildlife

There are some animals that you will only see in their natural habitat once or twice in a lifetime. This makes sighting them a rare experience that’s well worth a national park vacation. This in itself is a good reason to visit a national park for your next vacation.  

This also gives you an opportunity to educate yourself and your family on safety measures to take when encountering an animal in the wild.  

A Budget-Friendly Vacation

National park vacations range from residing in a cabin to camping (or glamping in some cases). However you decide to enjoy a national park in the US, the costs of vacationing at a national park are generally lower than other popular vacation spots. 

Blood Flow and Oxygen Benefits

National park vacations involve a lot of activity. Hiking, exploring, horse riding, and more all form part of an itinerary. These activities get the blood flowing and relax your body & mind. The air is purer when you’re in nature, so the oxygen benefits to your body are vast. The health benefits will thoroughly detoxify your body and provide mental health benefits that rival other vacations you’ve been on. 

Night Sky Discussions

It’s always good to take some time out during the day and stare at the clouds. But the sky is particularly beautiful at night because there are no city lights to fade the stars. Take some time to lie on your back with your kids and enjoy the night sky, showing the stars, the moon, and planets that are more visible in the quiet darkness of nature. 

An Absence of Seasonal Limitations

The great thing about a national park vacation is that you can take one any time of the year. These destinations are often open during summer at which time they are more popular. But why not take a fall vacation to a national park and enjoy the variety of colors in nature? Or, if you and your family are really adventurous, try out a winter trip when national parks are less busy. 

Final Thoughts

National parks may be less popular vacation spots for families with kids, but this makes them even more of an appeal to parents who want to do something different. If you’re currently in the process of picking a destination for your next family vacation, take serious consideration towards an adventurous experience at a national park. These vacations are fun, healthy, and affordable and will give you and your family memories that will last forever.

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