The Best Traveling Shows to Watch when you can’t travel

Feel like traveling but don’t really have that kind of money right now? No need to worry when you can watch shows that are dedicated to traveling. Even if you can’t travel, watching traveling shows give you the kind of feeling as if you were traveling yourself. You can watch the majority of these shows online, all you need is an internet connection that is fast enough for these shows to stream at the highest quality without you having to wait for them to stream.

For that, you should look into Spectrum Deals so that you could get yourself a high-speed internet connection at a price that would suit your budget very easily. Once you figure out your internet situation, here are a few shows you could watch so that you could feed your wanderlust. Be sure to keep many of the locations in mind so that you could be sure to visit them whenever you do intend on traveling:

The Best Traveling Shows to Watch when you cant travel

Rick Steves’ Europe

Is Europe one of your favorite places to visit? Then you should most certainly look out for Rick Steves’ Europe since it tells you everything you need to know about Europe, especially if you intend on going there as a tourist. Europe has a lot of rich history to explore and it has a kind of architecture like no other. That is exactly what Rick Steves covers in his show as he talks about everything that he knows about Europe and we must say, his knowledge is vast on the topic.

If you have an interest in the ancient history of Europe and wish to find out more about it, then you really need to watch Rick Steves’ Europe so you can catch up on everything that you need to know about Europe.

Long Way Round

Even though this show is a bit old but that doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting to watch. The show goes back to being as old as airing in 2004 and many people still love watching the show just as much as they did back then. In the show, we get to see Ewan McGregor as he travels with his best friend Charlie Boorman from London to wherever they can go. The best part of the show is that they travel on BMW bikes since both of them have a thing for BMW, and that can very easily be understood. Both of the best friends traveled for about 19 thousand miles and they went through Europe, and Asia and even made their way all the way to the United States where they went to New York.

The best part about this show is that it is totally unscripted. All they do is take a crew with them for filming purposes and everything else that you see on the show is as true as it could be. There are certain times when they get stuck in some trouble and they might even have issues with their bikes that they try to resolve on their own.

The Americas with Simon Reeve

If it is good enough for the Reader Travel Awards to give it the award for the best TV show in 2020, then it is certainly great enough for you to watch as well. It is the kind of show that you should definitely have on your must-watch list. The show involves Simon Reeve traveling through the Rocky Mountains, going to the US Border in Texas and even making his way all the way to Costa Rica. Some other documentaries that feature Simon Reeve include his traveling to Australia, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, and the Mediterranean. It could easily be said that this man has been nearly everywhere in the world.

Parts Unknown

Parts Unknown can definitely be considered among the best travel shows of all time. Normally, one would think that the show is about food because the host is a former chef but that is not true about the show at all. In fact, food is just an excuse that is used to infuse different cultures and traditions together. The host, Anthony Bourdain shot around 12 seasons before he passed away in 2018 but people still enjoy watching his shows even today.

The show is shot in different places such as the United States, and Europe, or even in unimaginable places such as Libya and Congo. If you truly wish to see what gives you the best of both worlds, food, and travel, then this is definitely the show for you to watch!

Wrapping Up

These are just a few examples of shows that you can watch if you are fond of traveling but somehow just cannot find the time or the money so that you could travel yourself. Make sure to have all these shows on your list and try figuring out which of the places you would

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