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Shenandoah National Park Hiking Guide

Shenandoah National Park Hiking Guide

General Information

There are over 500 miles of hiking trails in Shenandoah National Park. The trails vary in length from short-stretchers to a 101 mile segment of the Appalachian Trail that runs the length of the park. Many of the trailheads are located on Skyline Drive and in the developed areas. The Whiteoak Canyon Trail leads to six waterfalls and an old-growth forest.

All trails, except self-guided nature trails have blazes, (marks on trees made with paint). The color of the blaze indicates the following:


Blaze Marks

Color of Blaze Meaning
White Appalachian Trail
Yellow Open to hikers and horseback riders
Blue Open to hikers only
Unblazed Nature trails for hikers only
Red-Orange Park boundary


Protect yourself against ticks.

As you walk through foothill grasses, a tick may hitch a ride. Tick bites are painless, but a small percentage of ticks carry Lyme disease. If you have been hiking in brushy or grassy areas, check yourself thoroughly when you return from your hike. Use tick repellent to all clothing, including footwear, according to label instructions. Tuck shirts into pants and pants into socks. If you find a tick, remove it with tweezers and seek a ranger’s or doctor’s advice. Wash the area thoroughly with soap and water.


There are seven picnic areas. Tables, fireplaces, drinking fountains and restrooms are provided.

Picnic Areas

Name Location
Big Meadows Mile 51
Dickey Ridge Mile 4.6
Elkwallow Mile 24.1
Lewis Mountain Mile 57.5
Loft Mountain Mile 79.5
Pinnacles Mile 36.7
South River Mile 62.8


Waterfall Hikes

Falls Location Section of Park Height (ft)
Cedar Run Mile 45.6 Central 34
Dark Hollow Falls Mile 50.7 Central 71
Doyles River No 1 Mile 81.1 South 28
Doyles River No 2 Mile 81.1 South 63
Jones Run Mile 84.1 South 42
Lewis Mile 51.2 Central 81
Overall Mile 22.2 North 93
Rose River Mile 49.4 Central 67
South River Mile 62.8 Central 83
Whiteoak No 1 Mile 42.6 Central 86
Whiteoak No 2 Mile 42.6 Central 62
Whiteoak No 3 Mile 42.6 Central 35
Whiteoak No 4 Mile 42.6 Central 41
Whiteoak No 5 Mile 42.6 Central 49
Whiteoak No 6 Mile 42.6 Central 60


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